As Fractional CTO, I specialize in guiding startups through the critical early stages of growth. My expertise lies in building lean, high-performing remote teams while optimizing costs and maximizing runway. Effective management of financial resources is a make-or-break factor for startups, and fractional leadership provides a strategic, cost-efficient solution to address this challenge.

I adapt my approach to the unique constraints and demands of early-stage ventures, offering tailored guidance to navigate the intricate process of scaling from concept to serving millions of users. With a deep understanding of the startup lifecycle, I help companies establish robust technical foundations, implement best practices, and foster a culture of innovation and agility.

By leveraging my extensive experience and a fractional model, startups gain access to top-tier technical leadership and mentorship without the overhead of a full-time executive. This strategic partnership enables startups to maximize their chances of success from the outset, positioning them for sustainable growth and long-term viability.

Listen to how I build and run remote teams

Scope of services

Strategic Technical Leadership

  • Act as your trusted technical counterpart
  • Oversee and guide your technical execution
  • Build and maintain your product roadmap

Team Building and Management

  • Vet, hire, and manage your technical team
  • Foster a strong engineering culture
  • Provide mentorship and coaching to upskill your team

Architecture and Code Quality

  • Conduct code reviews and architectural oversight
  • Implement best practices and industry standards
  • Ensure technical excellence and maintainability

Cost Optimization

  • Identify opportunities for cost savings
  • Implement strategies for efficient resource utilization
  • Align technology investments with business objectives